Fix Your IT Infrastructure and Quit Wasting Money !

Your IT Infrastructure

When computers first entered our industry, most of the industry still was in the 1970's in understanding what the future was to bring. We have seen so many poorly designed and maintained systems in our industry. Some of our clients are being almost held hostage by an IT company maintaining their system, and all at a very high cost of operation.

We also see clients that have to wait minutes for their system and programs to boot up or run. We also see hardware setups that are simply begging for issues to happen. None of this has to continue.

One of the most important considerations is your Internet connection. Since most of the systems today and in the future will be more dependent on this, it is very important to continue to keep yours upgraded.

There are still areas in our Country that you have few options for this, but you need not just give up, continue to check each quarter what may become available that can be of great value.

If you do have competition in your area, you will find it can not only upgrade your service significantly, but also lower your costs as well. Today 1000mb (1 gig) speed is becoming readily available by many providers. What is a disappointment is that your current provider may have it available, but unless you contact them, they will continue to provide you what you have at the rate you are currently paying.

One client of ours, when I checked with their provider was setup almost 10 years ago. They were only receiving 5mb download and 1.5mb upload speeds for over $200.00 per month! We switched companies and got 300mb download with 25mb upload for $80.00!!!

Check out the competition every year (at least) and use their offers to get it with your current provider and get better speeds at a lower cost, or if necessary switch.


Many providers today don't even require a contract. Any provider that is trying to "lock you in" is one to be concerned with their product offering.

We also have worked with clients to set up their network system and workstations that simply requires little or no maintenance. It all starts with the hardware we have specifically chosen for our industry.

We have found a very affordable solution to your entire computer setup and network. We simply have very few support calls, you don't have unexpected costs, and productivity loss with systems that are so slow you could have a coffee break between tasks.

We also have very competitive leasing options to fit your budget.

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