Clean up & Tax Preparation

Get Your Accounting in Order !

Regardless if you are a corporation client or not, we also offer Year End QuickBooks Cleanup to prepare your QuickBooks for your normal tax preparer or CPA.

We also provide training on how this can be done internally as well, so when you send your financial data to your CPA, you have the confidence that it is correct and ready to have your tax returns completed.

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Tax Returns

If you use QuickBooks we offer seamless tax preparation services for our corporate clients. If you are a regular C corporation or a Chapter S corporation, our Federal and State Tax services are both competitive and convenient. We will utilize the features in QuickBooks to transfer the file to us to complete your tax returns, but also transfer any year end adjustments required without any manual entry for any of us.

Don't Get Penalized !

Keep in mind there are different tax filing deadlines for different tax types. If you don't think you can meet these deadlines, have us file for your extension, so you are not penalized later.

Let us show you how competitive but thorough we are, and provide you with ways to improve your business for the future.

We will provide you with corporate returns along with K-1's if you are a Chapter S corporation. We do both State & Federal Returns.

We DO NOT DO Individual Returns or Sole Proprietorships.