Setting up Your Network...
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Once you decide to share information and programs between your business associates, you now must consider the best setup for networking within your organization.

There are many factors to consider, including security, reliability, speed, and data protection, and there are several options, many say too many, to accomplish all these... and you may need assistance to ensure all the factors and options are used to your advantage.


Basic Network Types - Peer-to-Peer:
This type of step up is the simplest form of networking (sharing) multiple devices together. It is often used due to its low initial costs for setup and usually limited to just a couple of shared devices.

This is where many make a business mistake. This network type is very fragile, and often unexplained program issues, crashes, and lost data may occur when this type of setup is used for more than 2 - 3 devices.

In this setup there are a great number of inter-dependencies for devices to work as expected. As the number of devices increases, so does the complexity and frailness of the system.

In the example of a peer-to-peer network, there is actually two networks running, a wired networked indicated by the solid lines between devices, and a wireless network which is indicated by the "wifi" blue icon.

Basic Network Types - Client-Server:
The best setup structure for any network is a Client Server arrangement. It removes many of the inter-dependencies between devices and centralizes it to a real Server unit. The data is stored on the Server, and any shared databases (QuickBooks) are run from the Server and not a workstation acting as a server in a peer-to-peer setup. All backups are centralized, and the system performance and reliability are improved.

Over the last five years, the movement to a client-server setup utilizing a "virtual server" instead of physical server has increased in popularity. Instead of having an actual server machine in your office, your server is part of the "cloud", and resides in data centers designed specifically to provide this service. This may or not be right for you and your business.

Need Help Going through the Myriad of Options ?
We are here to assist you in getting it right the first time, and to minimize the amount of IT Support you will need in the future. We set up systems that are designed to eliminate many of the issues that commonly plague small businesses worldwide.

You don't need a full time IT Support department, you need someone that can setup your systems to perform as they should every day, without all the hassle and expense IT support costs small business.

We also have several leasing options for equipment that won't crash your budget as well.

Did You Know?
We setup network systems that are designed to eliminate your dependencies on IT Support.

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