Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees !

Credit Card Processing

How much do you spend for your total cost of taking credit cards ?
Do any of these describe your situation?

  • Customers charge whole bill to get "their points" or "Cash Back"?
  • Hidden fees add up to make your "real costs" higher than before?
  • You pay equipment rental/lease payment to process credit cards?
  • You pay a monthly fee to use the Merchant Account?
  • Quoted rates are not the rate for your customer charges?
  • Tired of every company saying they can "beat" the rates?
  • Thousands of dollars each year off your bottom line?

We have found two simple solutions:

  1. A Standard processing program guaranteed to reduce your processing costs, or they will give you $500.00 for trying.
  2. A customizable program which can totally eliminate all your processing, equipment, PCI, and monthly fees to ZERO !

The Edge program is an innovative new offering made possible by the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows you to share or transfer the costs of processing back to the customer. This wasn't possible a few years ago since it was against your merchant services agreement.

Edge now offers a customizable programs that will allow you to encourage payment by check or cash, and stop these unnecessary costs to your business.

This program also allows for zero equipment fees, transaction fees, and all the hidden costs, or share the costs based on charge levels. You could decide to take all credit cards for deductibles up to $500.00 at no sharing costs, but for charges above this amount you can even set a sliding scale. As an example; $501.00 - $1000.00 the customer shares half the costs, and over $1000.00 they pay the whole costs. Believe it or not, customers will still use their rewards card even if a non-cash fee is added, just to get their points, but it can not cost you anything!

You can also individually decide when processing to override the fee as well for your "best" customers.

This new program is a game changer ... how much money can this save you on your bottom line ?

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The Credit Card Processing Challenge

If after reviewing the Edge Program to eliminate 95% or more of your credit card fees, we have partnered with a provider, PayProTec, that will guarantee they will save you money of give you $500.00 for trying !

Click the Certificate below, print it out, fill out your information and send us your last two credit card statements ... we will do the rest, and save your money !