Is The Risk Really Worth It ?

Bad Risks Cause Wasted Costs

An Area Collision Shop Owners Almost Never Think About 

Of course, it will never happen to you ... right ? But those that it has, know how much costs in money, time, and frustrations it caused ... and they were not prepared when it happened.

What am I referring to ? I am talking about when your computer system crashes, you accidentally deleted an important file, you get the "Ransomware Virus", or someone sabotages your data. These things happen regularly, and when they do, it can be devastating and sometimes not recoverable.

This small area of your business, can essentially bring it down or minimally causing you losses you simply should never be exposed to. However, most collision shop owners never think about the consequences until it happens.

There are hundreds of solutions for this possible catastrophe, but where to start ?

The Old Way Never Worked
In the past we intended to use Tape Backup Systems, thumb drive transfers, and other hardware options that often were not kept up diligently. At the time of need ... no current backup was available.

This system relied on one to perform as scheduled, and most importantly take the backup media off site after every backup, so just in case of a fire or theft of your system, your data was safe.

Let's face it ... who is diligent enough to do this as scheduled every day ? No one!

Cheap is Not the Best Option
If you Google, Backup Options, there are hundreds of options and companies that provide a wide range of products and services.

There are systems that use "appliances" that act like the tape backup units backing up the data almost at real time, and then transferring it to online storage area. These systems are usually very expensive and are designed for much larger data processing companies rather than the typical collision repair shops worldwide.

In recent years companies like Google and even Microsoft have created Online storage space programs such as Google Drive and One Drive.

Unfortunately these systems are "real time transfer programs" that are known to slow your whole system down due to the bandwidth they require along with the processing load.

Then there are the low cost providers of online storage space that take very long to sync every evening. Many of these can act like the "real time" models with the same issues with slowing down your systems. They also can be configured to operate at night as well. However, you are on your own when there is a loss and you need recovery assistance.

What we have found to be the best approach is to provide a solution that not only backups up very efficiently every evening, but also includes the service to restore your data when you need it.

Critical Backup Solutions
Several years ago, we found that our clients were taking risks for loss of their critical data that just should not be happening. We also found that when they did have a loss, they often did not have any idea how to restore their backup data, or where to begin.

Our solution incorporates not only a software solution, but a monitoring process as well as a restoration team even if it just an accidentally deleted file.


  • Centralize your critical data to be backed up every evening
  • Monitor the backups every day and send you messages of their completion
  • If needed we assist in the restoration of a single file (7 versions saved) to a complete system loss restoration.
  • Automated and very quick backups in evening.

Don't Make the Mistake that Costs

The risk of important documents, images, accounting data, program settings, and a host of other key files being lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted is not worth it.

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In Review:

  • There are hundreds of products out there ... but not services that monitor and assist in recovery
  • Real time systems slow your system excessively
  • Centralize data to allow backups to be efficient
  • The risk of loss is far greater than the cost