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Distributing Complex Bills in QuickBooks (Part 1)

When analyzing your financials it is very important that expenses are categorized correctly and expenses are assigned to the correct month. This isn't always that easy when some expenses are for different areas of the business and the amount of the expense is for more than the month it was paid. There are important processes to put in place to correct this.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees !

How much does it cost your business to accept credit cards ? How often do your customers receive the insurance checks, deposit it, and charge the whole bill on their great "Cash Back" Card ? This doesn't have to happen and you can even eliminate all credit processing fees if you wish while accepting all credit and debit cards ! This is no gimmick, it is real.

QuickBooks Payroll Options to Think About

If you are using QuickBooks, the most obvious selection is to use Intuit Payroll. There are three basic Intuit payroll options … Basic, Enhanced, and Full Service.The Enhanced is the most common option used by small businesses since it included the tax filing forms for State and Federal, where the Basic option does not. However, this means you are responsible to do the payroll using Intuit’s tax tables, pay your taxes on time, file all the returns, pay at least $400.00 – $500.00 each year for tax table usage plu per employee fees each pay period, and a required QuickBooks upgrade every third year.

There are very good 3rd party Payroll Services that take the tax filing and report filing responsibilities and liabilities for you. This can free up valuable time and resources for you....

Fix Your IT Infrastructure and Quit Wasting Money !

We all know ... Time is Money, but do you realize how much it costs you if your IT Infrastructure is not setup correctly ? Are you held hostage by your IT Company ? It doesn't need to be this way !

Don’t Buy Pre-Printed Checks Again !

Are you currently buying pre-printed checks for your business ? If so, you are wasting hundreds of dollars each year ! This is the best solution there is for printing checks from QuickBooks.

Handling Short Pays & Sales Tax Credits

It is simply a reality that sometimes you will not receive full payment as expected. This situation is called "Short Pays" and how to deal with the in QuickBooks is often not done properly.

These short pays also affect any Sales tax liability as well, and the proper procedures should be used as well in QuickBooks ....

Financial Insights & Improving Your Business

If you are a collision repairer most likely you either do not spend much time looking at your financials or understand your financials. This introduction eBook is where you should begin ...

Loans, Leases, and Depreciation/Amortization Mistakes

We hope your Holidays were filled with good times, and you are ready for a great new year to take off.

Check Your Company File Health

We are just now arriving at the mid-point of the last quarter of the year for most businesses. By this time you should have already analyzed your projected year end financial results and looked at your probable tax liability for 2018.

Stop P&L Roller Coaster (Part 3)

In this month’s QuickBooks & Tricks we will finish the series on why many clients get frustrated about how their Profit and Loss each month moves up and down like a roller coaster, but the business by all indications is doing the same.